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Academy for Fashion Careers.

Who We Are?

Academy for Fashion Careers (AFC) Lucknow, is a pioneer organisation in its sector in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Founded in 1999 and headed by Ms. Shipra Anand, a passionate crusader for Design Studies with 24 years experience in the industry and Fashion academics, AFC has been working towards creating awareness and counselling the students for Careers in the Design and Fashion Studies. AFC has also been guiding & grooming the students for all the National level competitions for reputed Design & Fashion colleges and for Portfolio generation for the same abroad, at Undergraduate and Post-graduate level, maintaining a commendable 90% and above selection ratio since inception.

AFC enjoys a very strong alumna base of 1500 plus designers in the industry, the likes of Manish Tripathi, Pooja Yadav, Monica Mahendra Singh, Rateesha Bajaj, Yoshita Yadav, Shresha Rai, Devanshi Tandon, Danish Zaheer Rizvi, Deepak Singh Bisht, Radhika Sinha, Amole Singh, to name a few. AFC also provides consultancy to schools, helping them start and run the subject of Fashion Design as an elective in their classes XI & XII. AFC is also a nodal agency that trains Designers into Design Academics through its faculty training programme, making them suitable for employment at Faculty positions at various Fashion & Design colleges.

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