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Welcome to Academy for Fashion Careers

A pioneer and the only coaching in the state with NIFT Alumna as the founder Director – Ms Shipra Anand. AFC has been running successfully and yielding a 90% success rate since 1999.

We, at AFC, believe in setting a strong foundation for all our students. And for the same reason we often organize Interactions with AFC Alumni, as well as NIFT/NID Alumni, and relevant Design Oriented Workshops and Artsy Excursions. We also encourage our students to use the Library facility that consists of books & magazines from the field.

Our team of Faculty guides holds an experience upto 8 years in mentoring our students, over and above their industry experience in their individual fields.

  • We are creative.
  • Provide best education services.
  • We are always improving.
  • 90% Success rate since 1999
  • We, at AFC , Believe in setting a strong foundation for all over students
  • We focus on individual learning where every student is allowed to learn at their own pace.

2022 NID Entrance Exam Analysis

Trust NID to come up with trumps every year and this year was no exception! After two consecutive experimentation, one of advancing to December end of 2019 itself for 2020 to pushing their 2021 exam to mid March last year, NID promptly came back to its regular schedule of first Sunday of January this year. Thus NID began the exam season of 2022!
In keeping with their pattern, NID GAT segment of 30 marks comprised of 27 questions which largely constituted of reasoning, general and aesthetic awareness, observation based question and a topping of a comprehension passage based on ‘Design Thinking’. Some of the questions asked are listed below:


In which hemisphere are the penguins found?

  • (a)northern hemisphere
  • (b)southern hemisphere
  • (c)none of these
  • (d)both (a) & (b)


In which direction will the dark green (shaded dark here) gear move?

  • (a)clockwise
  • (b)anti clockwise
  • (c)not move
  • (d)either (a) & (b)
NIFT Coaching in Lucknow


The recent union territory is?

  • (a)Chhattisgarh
  • (b)Laddakh
  • (c)Lakshadweep
  • (d)Andaman and Nicobar


Which material is found in the inner and outer side of Indian 10 rupees coin?

  • (a)brass inner and silver outer
  • (b)brass outer and silver inner
  • (c)brass outer and nickel inner
  • (d)) None of these


Identify the correct symbol of Olympic?

  • (four B/W visuals of Olympic logo were given)


UPI stands for?

  • (a)united payment interface
  • (b)unlimited payment interface
  • (c)unified payment interface


Which of the companies does not belong to Elon Musk?

  • (a)Tesla
  • (b)Deep Ocean
  • (c)Space X
  • (d)The Boring Company

Other questions asked were:

Q7. What is the difference in time between Greenwich meantime and Indian standard time?

Q8. .Manto is a 2018 Indian biographical drama film about the prominent Urdu author Saadat Hasan Manto, written by?

There were questions in Reasoning on topics such as paper folding and cutting, Seating arrangements along with the English comprehension passage on the topic “The Thinking of Design’

In the B. Des. Paper, the DAT segment, of 70 marks, consisted of FOUR questions, with EIGHT drawings to be done, double than the number of questions.

This segment was lengthier. It was a balanced mix of testing the students on their creative visualisation, technical drawing skills, critical thinking, social responsibility, visual communication, product design, observation skills in daily life and also comprehension ability.

The first question had the image of a faucet, the students had to redesign/ modify the same for three different users, (a) A 6 year old child (b) An artist (c) A visually impaired person

2022 NID Entrance Exam Analysis

In this question, the requisite was to show your ability to analyse and study client need/ problems faced and provide solutions for the user convenience besides making it look aesthetic as per the user age, profession & taste.

A 6 year old usually finds the tap’s rotational opening and closing difficult and sometimes they leave it leaking/ dripping as they can’t rotate it needfully tight enough. This problem could be addressed by making this faucet sensor enabled or button operated, setting the child free of any such operation responsibilities besides making it more fun looking in bright colours and inspired by elements like animals, cartoons or any age appropriate theme. It could even be a musical tap that reminds kids of not wasting water. Similarly the other users too should be studied and design solutions provided accordingly.

The second question was on story boarding, where a premise was given as below:

Q2. A fisherman and Kingfisher were having an argument near a river bank. Write a story, in the given three frames, which ends with: Kingfisher: “after all, you are a human”.
This could be best attempted beginning with defining the genre of the story. Given the premise, this story could be made into a satire where the bird could be shown condescending in tone of its closing sentence or it could be an emotional tragedy with bird being hurtful in the end. We could turn it into a fantasy with the Kingfisher having super powers over a mere mortal man, thus the last sentence. These are just a few examples of the story plot. We could give wings to our imagination as a story question gives us amazing liberties. The style of drawing could be our own choice whether sketchy or animated. WE should use speech bubbles, thought bubbles, sound effects, zoom in and zoom out shots and narrative strips to communicate the story visually.

Q3. Taking reference from the given parts of a bicycle, draw a bicycle in appropriate proportions.

This was a product assembling question aimed to test one’s observation of things used in everyday life. An explode sketch of a cycle was given and one had to assemble then together to make a complete cycle. Since the question never mentioned anything otherwise, we were free to add more elements to the cycle as deemed fit.

Q4. Your friend is watching your room from the window as shown in the figure. Draw the room according to his point of view.

2022 NID Entrance Exam Analysis

In keeping with the tradition of last 2 years, this year too NID chose to assess students for their perspective drawing skills. One had to imagine the front view of the room right across the viewer position at the given window. As it was clearly a living room, w could choose to show an attached dining area in our drawing. We must remember to add a door to the wall. It is important that we remember to switch sides of the given details on the walls on either sides and also tick to the given proportions.

For M Des., the drawing segment varied for different faculties with stream specific questions.

The results are expected around February end or March first week though NID is yet to officially announce dates for the same, following which the stage two, DAT(Mains) may be conducted Between April 2022 to May 2022. The Final result may expected around mid May 2022 with the joining by June 2022.

Wishing All the Luck once again!
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